Lili Banani Real Estate

Lili Banani Real Estate

Coldwell Banker’s #1 agent in the entire city of Boston.

Lili understands innately the demands of buyers in Boston's highly-competitive luxury real estate market. She also knows that in order to capture and keep their attention, she needs a digital presence that conveys her vast market knowledge but also provides an optimized and intuitive experience by which to access it.

Enter Maniacal. We designed and developed Lili's digital brand and website, optimizing for her team to rapidly publish content and listings and to directly engage with customers on their properties of interest. We built with dynamism in mind, allowing her presence to evolve just as rapidly as her Boston clientele and the Boston real estate market at large.

  • Digital Brand
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management
  • SEO Infrastructure
  • Engagement Tools
Lili Banani Website Homepage
Lili Banani Mobile Website

Responsive Nature Optimized for every device.

Through our conversations with Lili, we learned that the luxury home hunt happens not just at home or on showings, but pervasively throughout a buyer's day. That's why we optimized Lili's website to be just as intuitive on mobile as on desktop.

Maniacal's vast technical knowledge is combined with a high ability to explore beyond the scope of work and task entrusted. Their strong ability and natural ease with communication, brainstorming, and providing a set of variable alternative options is priceless. Lili Banani VP, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

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Lili Banani Home Page

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Lili Banani Top Listings Page

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Lili Banani Individual Listing Page

The Outcome Built to impress, the new era of luxury real estate.

Maniacal delivered a refined digital experience for Lili's brand, enabling present and future customers to intuitively access and inquire about listings, luxury buildings, Boston neighborhoods, and Lili's vast expertise of the Boston real estate market.

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