Schmitty The Weather Dog

An adorable pup with a nose for the weather.

Musical Meteorologist Ron, High-Octane Author Elly, and Schmitty the Weather Dog travel across the country — bringing laughs, songs, and STEM educational content to their adoring fans. To connect with their fans and reach new audiences alike, Team Schmitty needed a digital hub through which it could share content, receive inquiries, and show off the catalogue of their travels and experiences across the country.

When Team Schmitty approached Maniacal, it was barking up the right tree. Across several iterations, Maniacal has brought the Schmitty the Weather Dog brand to life online via custom web design and web development. We've supported Team Schmitty across key milestones including the launch of the Schmitty the Weather Dog children's book and the launch of its burgeoning YouTube channel.

  • Custom Design
  • Custom Development
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Technical Consulting
  • Custom Widgets

Fun & Functional Bringing the joy of Schmitty the Weather Dog to life

To bring Schmitty's unique charm to life online, we designed the website with a bold color palette, fun typography, and liberal use of illustration and photography. Throughout the site, we adapted the content for a broad audience, including children, parents, teachers, and press. To top it all off, we implemented a localized weather widget with current conditions matched to the location from which a visitor browses, making the site both fun and functional.

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Holiday Marketing Campaign

The Outcome Sunny, with a sprinkle of STEM education.

The website Maniacal built for Schmitty the Weather Dog has had a truly positive impact on the brand, serving both as a central hub for Schmitty's world and a strong source for event bookings, as well as visits to their YouTube channel and a means for Schmitty's adoring fans to get in touch.