Unicorn Farms

Unicorn Farms

The investment opportunity of a lifetime in Lexington, KY.

Drawing from their vast personal experience across horse racing and hospitality, a group of investors had a vision. Dubbed "Unicorn Farms," they sought to turn a massive Kentucky estate and horse farm into a premier global destination for luxury equestrian experiences and equine medical research. They just needed to draw the interest of an array of supporting investors to turn their vision into a reality.

Maniacal was up to the challenge. In careful collaboration with the clients, we crafted the digital experience that brought their vision to life, enabling a central web property by which they could share the narrative of the physical property with potential investors around the world.

  • UX Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Development
  • Cohort Targeting
Unicorn Farms Home Page Preview
Unicorn Farms Mobile Website

Selling the Dream Conveying an opportunity of heritage & majesty.

Maniacal understood from the start that the elegant estate on which Unicorn Farms was to be developed was a strong selling point unto itself. To highlight this, we combined carefully refined copy with expansive galleries featuring the property's many facets to present the dream of what could be.

It was all done meticulously well. Bravo! Ali Malihi Principle, Unicorn Farms

Home Page

Unicorn Farms Home Page

Investment Opportunity Page

Unicorn Farms Opportunity Page

Gallery Page

Unicorn Farms Gallery Page

The Outcome An expression of equestrian elegance.

Expanding on the rich presentation of the property, Maniacal developed customized templates for sharing the facts, figures, and financials that enabled the principle investors to share Unicorn farms as not just a vision but a viable business opportunity for the luxury equestrian market.